Services Contract

The general terms and conditions of use were updated on July 10, 2019.

(MLM) and its related services (Service) are subject to your understanding and compliance with the terms and conditions (Terms of Service) set out below. Please read the following carefully.

MLM reserves the right to update and modify the terms of use at any time without notice. All new features that extend or improve the Service, including the launch of new tools and resources, are subject to the Terms of Service. Continued use of the Service after such changes constitutes your consent to such change.

Violation of any of the conditions below will result in the termination of your account. While MLM prohibits objectionable behavior and inappropriate content from the service, you understand and agree that MLM cannot be held responsible for any content displayed on your personalized service. You agree to use the Service at your own risk.

By accepting any proposals or invoices submitted to you by MLM, you therefore automatically accept all the legal terms as well as the conditions of use detailed in this present service contract and all these addenda.

You have to be human. Accounts registered by robots and other automated methods are not allowed. MLM may communicate with you by email regarding your account, updates, periodic news and other matters related to your account. You are automatically subscribed to our mailing lists and newsletters. You can choose to opt out of receiving
emails upon receipt of the first email.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password. MLM cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with this security obligation.

You are responsible for all posted content and activity that occurs under your account (even if the content is user-generated). If a verification leads us to believe that you are abusing the service, we may temporarily suspend your account and ask for your cooperation in this regard.

We reserve the right to accept, revoke or refuse any potential customer. We decide whether to allow you to register, renew, modify, a plan, or use our services.
You must provide your full legal name, a valid business email address, and any other required information in order to complete the registration process.

The investor agrees to cooperate fully with MLM in order to enable it to perform efficiently and on time the tasks related to the estimate and to use its best possible efforts to ensure the success of the requested services.

Therefore, a meeting with the designated representative of the company takes place at the very beginning in order to configure the system in accordance with the processes of the company. The collaboration of this person is essential throughout the process of identifying the needs to be satisfied in order to start production and installation.

When setting up a platform, a 3-hour block of training and remote support is included. The client must, on this occasion, train his group which will receive said training. In the event of an additional individual need, it is the client's responsibility to transmit the information internally. If the client prefers additional hours of support from a technical service advisor, the hourly fee is $ 95.

A valid credit card is required to pay the accounts. If the cardholder does not have one, payments must be made by bank transfer or certified check. When signing this contract, the customer must submit payments for the first 2 months of his package as well as the monthly payment for the financed product, if applicable.
Platform acquisition plans: The system is acquired in 1 single payment or as financing on a one (1) year contract. The percentage of financing is 15% and the amount of the 12 monthly payments must be honored before breaking the service.

Monthly subscription: a service from month to month depending on the package chosen. You will be billed for all 30 days of service at the start of the period and payment is due before the next bill arrives. You can cancel our service at any time and you will not be billed again, but you are solely responsible for any charges already incurred. The service reactivation fee is $ 145
No refund will be made by MLM on any of the monthly and annual plans. You are responsible for all charges that have been incurred. Due to the policy of