The tool of your reality!

Scalable, intuitive and comprehensive. Find out why hundreds of businesses around the world trust MLM.



Thanks to our extremely scalable architecture, we can meet your needs, whether you have a team of less than ten employees or one of more than one hundred.


Whether you are an emerging, growing, or mature business, your MLM platform can easily reflect your present and future needs, using our modular approach.


Need a custom feature? No fear! Our experienced team will be able to analyze your needs and assist you in achieving your goals at an affordable cost.

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What is the MLM platform?

Revolutionary performance instrument

MLM represents a revolution by making it possible to obtain a powerful tool that can serve large companies, at a price that SMEs are also amply able to afford.

A control center for business

Have 360-degree control of your business, anywhere, anytime. MLM allows you this reality. The "meetings" are less frequent, more productive and without regard to the distance between the collaborators. The cohesion of the team increases at the same time as the satisfaction of the employees.